Wastewater Treatment for Municipalities

Municipalities are required to treat the accrued wastewaters according to resource conservation guidelines. DAS Environmental Expert supports you by developing optimum solutions for wastewater treatment that are based on holistic concepts.

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    Engineering and Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Integrated Wastewater Treatment for Municipalities
Integrated wastewater treatment for municipalities

Integrated Wastewater Treatment for Municipalities

The process for biological wastewater treatment by DAS Environmental Expert counts on consumer-oriented wastewater treatment and regional water usage instead of cost-intensive, central water management. Particularly in agricultural areas and new settlements of up to 800 to 5,000 inhabitants, the wastewater technology systems by DAS Environmental Expert offer a renaissance of the traditional ‘village’ wastewater treatment plan – yet modern, clean and free of offensive odours.

Wastewater Treatment for Municipalities Using Modular Systems
Wastewater treatment for municipalities using modular systems

Wastewater Treatment for Municipalities Using Modular Systems

We at DAS Environmental Expert consider regional wastewater management an integrated matter therefore we develop modular systems for highly efficient, biological wastewater treatment that can easily be integrated into pre-existing structures or to renovate old or overburdened systems. After treatment with DAS systems the water can be used for irrigation, for instance.

Our systems are scalable. Due to their modular structure it is possible to adapt them to new requirements without problems. This way, municipalities are able to flexibly react to demographic changes while keeping costs under control at all times, no matter if wastewater amounts increase or decrease.

Lowering Cost with the Right Wastewater Concept

Meeting the legal requirements safely is the basis for economically operating a municipal wastewater treatment plant. Oftentimes though it is worthwhile to do more in order to minimise sewage charges. DAS can easily identify the right wastewater concept for your city or community. Use the contact form or call us at the number below.

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