Engineering of Wastewater Technology Systems

DAS Environmental Expert provides turnkey solutions for wastewater technology and will be your supporting partner from the first engineering stages until the manufacturing and commissioning of your plant. As a German company headquartered in Dresden with worldwide subsidiaries we are able to flexibly adjust system production to your planned location, without you having to miss out on German know-how and quality.

Solutions by DAS Environmental Expert are always tailor-made. It does not matter whether you are installing a single process step, a complete wastewater treatment plant or equipping an entire fab with water treatment systems.

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Site
    Wastewater Treatment Plant Site
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  • Wastewater Technology Made in Germany
    Wastewater Technology Made in Germany
Biological Wastewater Treatment with the TFR Bioreactors
Biological wastewater treatment with the TFR Bioreactors

Engineering your Wastewater Technology

Based on the results from our in-house laboratory and pilot plants for wastewater treatment, DAS Environmental Expert provides suitable technology for your wastewater. On the contrary to most of our market partners, our competency does not rely on a particular process, but is based on a holistic understanding of wastewater treatment for customers from industries and municipalities.

DAS Environmental Expert designs and manufactures turnkey solutions for wastewater treatment. These are complete solutions that are ready-to-use and provide a comprehensive service from consultation, analysis, planning and concept development, to installation and commissioning of your plant and even its fine adjustment according to your individual parameters. After commissioning, if desired, DAS Environmental Expert offers full service for your equipment, from regular maintenance to complete operating contracts.

Engineering and Construction of Sewage Plants
Engineering and construction of wastewater treatment plants

System Production and Manufacturing of Wastewater Technology

Due to our customers`high demands for quality, DAS Environmental Expert manufactures certain key components for its wastewater treatment at its headquarters in Germany. The modular structure of the system components allows delivering them ready to connect to the construction site. Pre-mounting container modules at our own factory not only save time in construction, but also unnecessary costs when exporting them to different countries.

Commissioning the Wastewater Treatment Plant
Commissioning a wastewater treatment plant

Commissioning the Wastewater Technology and Process Optimisation

Oftentimes the equipment for wastewater treatment and the commissioning of new productions start simultaneously. During this time the DAS Environmental Expert team of specialists in chemistry, biology and engineering provide the basis for an optimum production start.

Due to the high quality of DAS Environmental Expert’s technology the wastewater systems usually stay in operation for many years. During this time the composition of the inflowing wastewater or the requirements for limit values might change. A renewed analysis of all aggregates and stages of the treatment process as well as training of the plant’s personnel can achieve reductions in the double-digit percentage range.

Your Advantages
  • Engineering, delivery and realization from a single source
  • Optimum coordination of all components
  • Best design from overall solution down to the smallest detail
  • Fast, easy and uncomplicated handling and execution
  • Minimum number of interfaces
  • Import, customs and invoicing from a single source
  • Only one single contact for warranty and service
  • Minimum effort for spare part acquisition
  • Turnkey hand-over
Fields of Application
  • New constructions
  • System upgrades and expansions
  • Equipment of plant segments
  • Renovation of existing plant
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