Wastewater Treatment for Small and Medium-Sized Dairies

When processing milk large amounts of water are used – mainly for cleaning the plant’s systems and the delivery vehicles. Thus, the wastewater treatment of dairies needs to be able to handle large amounts of wastewater, typically with peak loads and changing pollutants depending on the individual company’s processes.

  • Wastewater Treatment Dairy Farm
  • Wastewater Treatment Cheese Factory
  • Wastewater Treatment Dairy Cheese
    Wastewater Treatment Dairy Cheese
Wastewater Treatment for Dairies
Wastewater Treatment for Dairies

Wastewater Treatment for Different Company Sizes

The wastewater of dairies is loaded with detergents, solids and organic substances such as fat. The DAS Environmental process for biological wastewater treatment is successfully working in dairies and cheese and dairy producing companies worldwide. DAS Environmental Expert offers companies of different sizes the full range of tailor-made processes for pre-treatment and biological treatment of wastewater.

Wastewater Solutions for the Dairy Industry
Wastewater Solutions for the Dairy Industry

Wastewater Solutions for the Dairy Industry

Due to the high COD and BOD loads in wastewater of the milk processing industry heavy polluter charges have to be paid. In order to keep operations as economical as possible the homogenisation of the daily wastewater streams can be worthwhile. For this compensating reservoirs can be integrated into the plant.

Depending on company size, product range, amount of wastewater and biological load it can be more economical not only to separate fats and solids but also lower COD and BOD loads before discharging into the sewerage.

The biological wastewater treatment with the highly energy efficient DAS technology also allows for recycling process water, thus reducing water consumption and operating costs. Our solutions are very flexible in times of changing wastewater pollutions. The biofilm process combines excellent process stability with minimized sludge volumes.

Lowering Cost with the Right Wastewater Concept

Meeting the legal requirements safely is the basis for economically operating a wastewater treatment plant. Oftentimes though it is worthwhile to do more in order to minimise sewage charges. DAS can easily identify the right wastewater concept for your city or community. Use the contact form or call us at the number below.

Case Study Cheese Production

CustomerBEL S.A. Viet Nam, My Phuoc III, Binh Duong, Vietnam
Industry branchFood industry, production of cheese
Year of construction2011
  • Turnkey wastewater treatment plant
  • Aerobe treatment with 2 x TFR TFR industrial
  • Treatment before direct discharge
  • 100 m3/d
  • Influent COD = 3,500 mg/l
  • Effluent COD = < 80 mg/l (TVCN Level B)
Bel Vietnam - Wastewater Treatment by DAS Environmental Expert

Case Study Milk-Processing

CustomerConaprole (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Industry branchBeverage industry, dairy

Year of construction2009

Conaprole is the largest dairy in Uruguay. The Montevideo plant produces fresh milk and a large number of dairy products such as yoghurt.

Today the wastewater after one flotation is pre-treated by 2 TFR bioreactors in order to be discharged into the municipal sewage system. With the planned production expansion the TFR plant is also set to be extended to direct discharge – the modular extension is already prepared today.

Treatment steps DAS
  • 2 x TFR industrial
Additional treatment steps
  • Flotation
  • Precipitation/ flocculation
  • Sludge treatment
  • 390 m³/d
  • Influent COD = 3,000 mg/l
  • Effluent COD < 1,800 mg/l
Wastewater Treatment at Conaprole Dairy Farm by DAS Environmental Expert
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