Wastewater Treatment for the Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics industry accrues many kinds of wastewater. The challenge for wastewater treatment is that product lots are often changing, thus changing the composition of the wastewater. Switching to a new product lot in particular, produces large amounts of wastewater that are contaminated by surfactants, dye, oils and emulsions and high COD concentrations. In addition, wastewaters foam excessively at times.

  • DAS Environmental Expert Dresden
    e by Students, 9th grade High school Bürgerwiese, Dresden
  • DAS Environmental Expert Dresden
    e by Students, 9th grade High school Bürgerwiese, Dresden
  • DAS Environmental Expert Dresden
    e by Students, 9th grade High school Bürgerwiese, Dresden

Biological Wastewater Treatment in the Cosmetics Industry

In addition to developing problem-specific wastewater concepts, DAS Environmental Expert plans and manufactures integrated processes for biological wastewater treatment. The high adaptability of our wastewater technology and systems paired with the high adaptability of the biomass enables to degrade persistent substances and surfactants at little energy input.

Highly loaded stream branches are treated separately. Mechanical separation processes, such as flocculation, filtration and floatation remove first pollutants while customer-specific methods discolour the wastewater.

Treating the wastewater with DAS technology reduces cost by recycling the water, which reduces the amount of wastewater, thus saving sewage charges.

Lowering Cost with the Right Wastewater Concept

Meeting the legal requirements safely even with changing wastewater compositions is the basis for operating a wastewater treatment plant economically. Oftentimes however it is worthwhile to do more in order to minimise sewage charges. DAS can easily identify the right wastewater concept for you. Use the contact form below or just call us at the following number.

Case Study in the Cosmetics Industry

Customer Emil Kießling GmbH (Georgensgmünd, Germany)
Industry branchCosmetics industry
Year of construction 2011

Whether it is sunscreen, shampoo or hair colour rinse, our customer’s product portfolio provides high quality cosmetics. Their customers expect modern, efficient and stable environmental management.

Changing product lots are posing a particular challenge for biological wastewater treatment. This is why our customer relies on close collaboration with our experts in order to adapt the system to the varying loads of changing product lots.

Treatment steps DAS
  • 3 x TFR modular
Additional treatment steps
  • Floatation
  • Flocculation
  • Filter press
  • 120 m³/d
  • Influent COD = 4,500 mg/l
  • Effluent COD = 1,000 mg/l
  • COD-Capacity = 2.5 kg/m³.d
Wastewater Treatment Cosmetics Industry
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