Waste Gas Treatment with UPTIMUM (burn/wet) at the Point-Of-Use

Treatment of Process Waste Gases with UPTIMUM
Treatment of Process Waste Gases with UPTIMUM

UPTIMUM is a process waste gas treatment-system using burn/wet technology. The product name UPTIMUM refers to the term „Uptime“ underlining the high tool availability. The tool can be applied to different applications.


Operating Principle of the UPTIMUM-Systems

Process waste gases are induced through a maximum of six separate inlets. Depending on the chemical composition of the waste gases, various reactions take place (oxidation, reduction, pyrolysis). A fluid wall/film prevents corrosion and deposition of particles in the reactor. In the washing column next to the reactor, soluble components are absorbed and particles suspended. The scrubbing liquid cools down and neutralizes combustion products such as hydrogen halides and all remaining residual gases meet the strict German standards for air pollution law (TA Luft).

Proven Quality for Waste Gas Treatment with UPTIMUM
Proven Quality for Waste Gas Treatment with UPTIMUM

The following equipment options are available for all UPTIMUM systems:

  • Power Supply: 3 x 400 V/50 Hz or 3 x 208 V/60 Hz
  • Fuel Gas: NG, LPG
  • Oxidant: O2, CDA
  • Closed-loop system: Water, Lye
  • Heated feed lines and inlets
  • Process-Tool-Interface
  • Signal Tower
  • Drip Pan
  • Earthquake Safety Kit
  • Monitoring
  • SEMI S2 certification
Operating Principle of Waste Gas Treatment with UPTIMUM by DAS
UPTIMUM – Solution for Waste Gas Treatment at the Point-Of-Use of CVD Processes
Waste Gas Treatment at the Point of Use with UPTIMUM
UPTIMUM – Solution for Point-Of-Use Waste Gas Treatment at CVD Processes

UPTIMUM – Efficient Point-of-Use Waste Gas Treatment of CVD Processes

Unlike the ESCAPE technology, the gases are burnt from top to bottom. UPTIMUM  is optimized for up to six independent inlets from CVD process tools of various industry sectors. The system runs on diverse fuel gases and scrubber liquids, with access for operation and maintenance on front and back side. Operation costs and general safety can be optimized with a process tool interface.


  • Runs with different fuel gases
  • Low water consumption through closed-loop design

Technical Data

  • Dimension (W x D x H):
    1525 mm x 1050 mm x 2100 mm
  • Access to maintenance area on front and back side
  • Gas entry: max. 6 x DN25 or 4 x DN 40
Point of Use Waste Gas Treatment UPTIMUM PLUS
UPTIMUM PLUS – Solution for Point of Use Waste Gas Treatment in the PV Industry

UPTIMUM PLUS – Efficient Waste Gas Treatment in the Thinfilm Solar Industry

UPTIMUM PLUS based on the same principle as UPTIMUM, was specifically designed to meet the requirements of processes in photovoltaic Si-thin film manufacturing and is capable of treating larger amounts of hydrogen and NF3 (or F2).

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