Point-Of-Use Waste Gas Treatment by DAS for the Solar Industry

In principle, DAS systems treat condensable, flammable, corrosive, reactive, toxic and/or pyrophoric gases (e. g. silanes, silane organics, terpineols, hydrogen, ammonia or hydrogen halides) and fine dust.

Our clients in the solar industry profit from our extensive technical expertise. Our detailed knowledge of the manufacturing process for thinfilm modules and wafer based cells means that we know that waste gas abatement is essential for the safety of these processes. Based on these core competencies we develop and produce point-of-use abatement solutions for waste gas flows from 1 m³/h to 3600 m³/h.

Our Product Portfolio includes:

  • DAS Waste Gas Treatment at the Point-of-Use in the Photovoltaics industry
  • Point-of-Use Waste Gas TreatmentTools by DAS for the Photovoltaics industry
  • DAS-Systems allow a safe and sustainable manufacturing of solar cells and moduls

Your Application, our Solution for Waste Gas Treatment

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"Tianwei‘s business concept can be summarized in four simple words: Discipline, diligence, pragmatism and efficiency. We expect the same mindset from our equipment suppliers. This is why we decided to partner with DAS in 2009. We appreciate the excellent service DAS provides and the superb technical concepts behind their tools which result in safe factory performance, clean waste gases and stable processes.”

Dr. Yuelong Huang

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