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DAS Environmental Expert's environmental technologies for sustainable production

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH is an environmental technology company and aims to act as a role model in all areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This includes voluntarily incorporating all three dimensions of sustainability into our company's policies.

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1. Economic responsibility: business with a view to the future, not leaving problems for the generations to come, quality management in accordance with ISO 9001

DAS Environmental Expert understands that investment is one of the company's core functions. Our aim is to secure productivity and growth by far-sighted investment into long-term success factors such as the market's potential, and our own. For instance, we have opened a new, modern production site in Dresden in 2011. We are strengthening our DAS locations around the world by developing local innovation processes in key markets. In 2013 we expanded our office in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and in 2014 established DAS Environmental Expert USA, Inc. as a contribution to the continuous sustainable improvement of local sales and service provision.

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2. Ecological responsibility: doing business with a view to conserving resources, environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001

ISO 14001 certification for DAS EE
DAS is certified to ISO 14001

Being a medium-sized environmental technology company, we do not just want to support our customers in producing in a manner which protects the environment; we also want to do business ourselves in a way that sets a good example. We have been an ISO 14001-certified company since April 2014. We pass on our experience in relevant environmental topics, such as saving energy, water and paper, waste management and the reduction of CO2 emissions, to other companies in the ECOPROFIT® club to secure the long-term future of "Made in Germany" throughout the world.

Ecoprofit certificate for DAS
DAS is a certified Ecoprofit company

By far the greater benefit for the environment is achieved by our products for waste gas treatment and wastewater treatment:

We treat 1.2 million m3 of waste gas each day. That corresponds to the annual CO2 binding capacity of a forest covering an area four times larger than Dresden. We also treat 2,660 m3 of waste water per day. That is the same as 19,000 bath tubs of water.

Our customers praise the high standards of our installations and solutions which mean state-of-the-art safety for their staff, production and the environment. This is how we sustainably support clean, environmentally sound production by our customers.

Semi award for DAS´ achievements in waste gas treatment
Semi award for waste gas disposal for DAS Dresden

The largest semiconductor association in the world, SEMI, gave us the European Semi Award for our work in 2005.

3. Social responsibility: dealing fairly with employees and partners, voluntarily taking on social responsibility

Social Responsibility to Colleagues

Respectful conduct, trust and loyalty are the fundamental values on which our actions are based. Self-fulfilment is expressly desired and is promoted by various continuing development measures, for instance. Internal and external safety staff work closely together to detect and prevent accident risks and health hazards arising from work early on. Regular medical screening is offered.

DAS also supports staff with a series of country-specific social benefits, such as

  • Assisting young parents by offering flexible working
  • Financial support for child care
  • Company schemes for accident insurance, health insurance and pension
  • Recognition of service with the company and personal anniversaries
  • Promotion of social activities, such as sporting team events, excursions and rambling days, team building days
  • Company birthday, kite and mooncake festival, New Year celebrations, children's Christmas celebrations
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    outing day Dresden

The recognition of DAS China as an "employee-friendly company" by the local trade union is confirmation that our company philosophy extends to our DAS subsidiaries throughout the world. The Chinese ambassador to Germany, Shi Mingde, visited DAS Environmental Expert in 2014 as part of his inaugural visit to Saxony and learnt about our environmental technologies for himself.

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    cn-shi mingde

Social Engagement

DAS also has the Environmental Experts of tomorrow in its sights. We create and manage training positions for apprentices, students and trainees and run these positions in partnership with colleges and universities in the city of Dresden with successful outcomes. One example of this is our concept of rotating work experience which was created as part of a Bachelor degree project with the Weixdorf Middle School and has been implemented as a pilot project at DAS.

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    language day DAS
  • plant-for-the-planet team
    plant-for-the-planet team
  • economy insights for students
    economy insights for students

DAS's close cooperation with the Bürgerwiese High School in Dresden began with a contribution to the fundraising campaign for a new school building in September 2010. The school students show a strong commitment to their environmental projects. For instance, trees have been planted locally by the Dresden Planting Group of the Plant-for-the-Planet organisation, which is active worldwide, to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. In addition to DAS's financial support, children can use and expand their knowledge of the subject in school work experience or themed events in our company.

DAS will be offering financial support for an environmental laboratory in the new High School to arouse the children's interest in natural sciences at an early stage.

It is easy to follow our activities on Facebook at

DAS supports renovation of Chinese Pavilion in Dresden
Donor's letter - Renovation of the Chinese Pavilion in Dresden

Donor's letter - Renovation of the Chinese Pavilion in Dresden

DAS's environmental technology is particularly sought after in Asia. DAS is also supporting non-profit projects, such as the renovation of the Chinese Pavilion in Dresden, to develop cultural, scientific and economic relations with these countries. The sole remaining original Chinese structure in Germany was built in 1911 for the 1st International Hygiene Exhibition in Dresden at the behest of the Imperial Chinese Government as its exhibition pavilion. It was then rebuilt as a meeting, educational and recreational space in the Weisser Hirsch district and has had a very varied history at this site.

Social Responsibility at DAS China
DAS China also acts on its social responsibility

Our colleagues in Asia support aid projects in their countries. For example, books are collected and donated to help children from poorer circles. The aim is to motivate the children to read and to contribute in this way to improving their education.

DAS feels that it is linked to these and other projects and remains committed to them for the future.

DAS is a finalist in the Grand Prix of SMEs
DAS is a finalist in the Grand Prix of Small and Medium Businesses

Grand Prix of Small and Medium Businesses

In recognition of its "outstanding overall development as a company, the creation and securing of jobs and training positions and its exemplary performance in the competition criteria of innovation/modernisation, commitment to the region and service/customer focus/marketing", DAS Environmental Expert was made a finalist in the Grand Prix of Small and Medium Businesses.

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