Waste Gas and Wastewater Treatment by DAS for the Solar Industry

Generating solar energy is considered "green technology", even though the production of solar cells based on silicon predominantly uses process stages that have been common practice in the semiconductor industry for many years. As in the semiconductor industry the production of solar cells employs dangerous and environmentally harmful substances, which require abatement according to legal provisions.

The production of photovoltaic cells therefore is subject to strict requirements for treatment of waste gases and wastewater. Solutions need to be easy and cost-effective. The contaminated wastewaters and waste gases should, under no circumstances, lower performance, endanger the health and safety of humans, or otherwise negatively affect the availability of production facilities. The safety of the production line must be guaranteed at every step and in every operating situation.

  • Safe Waste Gas Treatment in the Solar Industry with tools by DAS
  • DAS Waste Gas Treatment at the Point-of-Use in the Photovoltaics industry
  • Point-of-Use waste gas treatment systems by DAS for the photovoltaics industry

Our Portfolio for the Solar Industry

  • Waste Gas Treatment

    Waste Gas Abatement, VOC removal, Reduction of Fine Dust Emissions.

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    Waste Gas Treatment Solar Industry
    Waste Gas Treatment Solar Industry
  • Combined Treatment

    Unique combination of waste gas and wastewater treament for the Solar industry - the Pollution Abatement Facility.

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    Combined Treatment Solar Industry
    Combined Treatment Solar Industry
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