Quality at DAS Environmental Expert

Certified Quality ISO 9001

In the indication of world wide economic globalization, the quality of products and services obtains a constantly growing meaning.

DAS ensures highest demands on quality level of our products and services in the business units waste gas and wastewater treatment. By consistent and continuous quality improvement it succeeded, by employment of a custom-made quality management to reach a leading market position world wide.

DAS quality politics is orientated to furnish, products and services of highest quality and reliability after the current state of the art, under economic criteria. A goal is, in the framework of competitive ability to offer products and services those presupposed and/or agreed and fulfill requirements to a considerable degree, to reach the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

Our Corporate Policy:

  • Customer's satisfaction is the focus of all our efforts.
  • Due to the high quality of our products, the comprehensive Customer Support as well as fast response and flexibility we are a good and long-term partner to our customers.
  • We commit ourselves towards customers, employees and our community to meet all legal requirements that are applicable for all DAS locations.
  • During the development and production of our waste gas and wastewater treatment solutions we do not only consider the latest trends in science and technology but also our experience from the practical applications. We are using that knowledge to raise the efficiency of our systems and to make another, more effective contribution to the protection of human life and the environment.
  • Implementing activities, products and services we strive for sustainable economic growth to preserve resources and minimize the impact on the environment and health of our employees and customers.
  • Continuous education enhances the technical expertise of our employees. Occupational and environmental safety requires responsible employees at all levels. Due to information and training we try to build and develop an environmental awareness
  • We draw our motivation out of challenging tasks and an achieving sustainable customer satisfaction, a family atmosphere, social benefits and health promotion activities.
  • By actively addressing the community (memberships, exhibitions, publications and professional papers) we communicate worldwide about our recent developments of environmental technologies, so that we are recognized as a competent partner and supplier in the field of environmental technologies.
  • In the field of environmental protection, we support projects financially, with personnel or equipment all over the world.
  • Being a Dresden based company we feel connected with this region by
    1. Cooperating with schools and investing in science and education research projects at local universities.
    2. Raising awareness towards the protection of people and environment.
    3. Collaborating with regional suppliers to support the local economy and reducing emissions of CO2 by minimizing goods transportation wherever possible.
  • By regular reviews of internal processes we ensure the continuous improvement and effectiveness of our quality management system.
  • The DAS management commits itself as a fully accountable partner to sustain the quality and environmental management system of DAS.

Product Certification at DAS

DAS products and services are distributed worldwide. DAS guarantees the certification by independent evaluators in accordance with representative and applicable standards.

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