Mission Statement of DAS Environmental Expert

Responsible use of the natural resources of air and water is the major global challenge of our time. DAS Environmental Expert has devoted its efforts to this challenge for the past 20 years. By specifically investing into sustainable technologies for waste gas treatment and wastewater treatment solutions we offer our international customers not only competitive advantages in cost- and risk management, but also help to reduce their ecological footprint.  

Dedicated employees are the core of our family-owned business. They ensure that the brand "DAS" stands for quality, reliable and efficient environmental protection. The founder's vision, the creativity and the diversity of our employees are the foundations of our success that has made us one of the world's leading providers for treatment technology to abate waste gases. We are aiming for the same leading position in wastewater treatment technology. We are committed to expand this segment, protecting existing jobs and creating new ones in the future.

Clean water and clean air ensure sustainability and the future of our civilization.

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  • Sustainability is a core issue of DAS
  • Point-of-Use Waste Gas Treatment with DAS-Systems for the semiconductor industry

Waste Gas and Wastewater Treatment

Our Commitment: Clean Air and Clean Water

Our clients operate in resource-intensive industry branches. We realize that working in a resource-conserving way is more than just approaching the issue simply from the standpoint of resource reduction, but means rethinking all processes. We also recognize that everything is interconnected. Our products reflect this.

Our expertise in the area of high-tech production enables us to support both new technologies and the continuing development of processes through DAS solutions. This is our way of ensuring that ever more complex and demanding processes run smoothly while simultaneously conserving resources and protecting the environment.

Solutions for Waste Gas and Wastewater Treatment

We do not have a solution for every problem yet - but we are working on it.

The steps we have made so far into biological wastewater treatment show: DAS Environmental Expert recognizes the problems created by globalization.

Although we do not have a solution for rising water shortages yet – we are working to come up with one. We are rising to the challenge with our years of experience and the expertise of our employees in developing broad solutions by employing DAS technologies. We can meet the global challenge, not only by developing resource conserving technological solutions, but also by maintaining high standard work environments for our employees.

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