History of DAS Environmental Expert

Milestones from 1991 to 2000

June 15, 1991 - Former “DAS Dünnschicht-Anlagen-Systeme GmbH” enters the Commercial Registry and establishes its Dresden headquarters on the former ELEKTROMAT company grounds near Dresden airport.

First Milestone:

Installation of ESCAPE Technology and product qualification through Siemens, Munich and Regensburg, resulting in the industrial breakthrough with first large scale order from Siemens for their newly founded microchip manufacturing fab in Dresden, Germany (1995).

Second Milestone:

First appearance in Asia (Taiwan); made possible through excellent references from Siemens and the local business partner SPIROX (1996). Installation of the first tool in January 1997.

Third Milestone:

Financial consolidation through shareholder investments from a Venture Capital group of the Deutsche Bank and business expansion in Asia with activities in Malaysia, Korea, China, Singapore, and Japan.

Fourth Milestone:

Signing the license of the ESCAPE technology to Mitsubishi KaKoKi in Kawasaki (MKK) and signing of contracts during SEMICON in Tokyo, December 05, 2000. The same year, foundation of Malaysia office.

Milestones from 2001 until Today

Fifth Milestone:

VC Group of Deutsche Bank dissolves and MKK becomes registered DAS shareholder (2004).

Sixth Milestone:

DAS sells ESCAPE license to Korean partner company GST. Company founder Dr. Reichardt receives the European SEMI Award for being a “Pioneer in Waste Gas Abatement Technology” (2005).

Seventh Milestone:

Acquisition and integration of innovative biotechnology for treatment of organically loaded waste waters from industry, municipality and private households (2006). New markets open also for waste gas abatement. The solar industry is growing notably.

Eighth Milestone:

DAS continues to grow. China branch joins the DAS family and opens its office in Shanghai. The enterprise leaves “Technologiezentrum Süd” (Technology Center South), moves into newly acquired company grounds at Goppelner Straße 44 and changes its name to “DAS Environmental Expert GmbH”, Dresden (2008).  

Ninth Milestone:

DAS Environmental Expert GmbH repurchases all shares from MKK and sells its first biological waste water treatment system to dairy company "Conaprole" in Uruguay (2009).  

Tenth Milestone:

Foundation of DAS Environmental Expert branch in Vietnam and installation of a turnkey waste water treatment system for a french client. Installation of first municipal waste water treatment system in Germany (2010/2011).

Eleventh Milestone:

20th anniversary of DAS Headquarters. Opening of the new branch in Argentina. DAS gets awarded as finalist at the Gran Prix of the German medium-sized businesses.

Twelfth Milestone:

Global market launch of STYRAX (burn/wet) as the first DAS tool ready for 450mm. With the launch of SALIX (wet) DAS offers the first system for point-of-use waste gas treatment from wet bench applications of semiconductor manufacturing worldwide. DAS Taiwan is growing and moved to a larger office on July, 5th (2013).

Thirdteenth Milestone:

Successful market expansion to America; Foundation of DAS Environmental Expert USA Inc. based in San Jose and opening of the Service & Innovation Center in Boise (2014).


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