DAS Asia Ltd. Taiwan Branch

DAS Taiwan provides waste gas abatement systems to the local high-tech industries
Waste Gas Treatment systems for the Taiwanese high-tech industries supplied by DAS

Founded in 1997, DAS Taiwan Branch offers waste gas treatment systems to the local semiconductor, photovoltaics, TFT and LED industry.

Mainly based in Hsinchu the company has several technical service centers providing service and maintenance to client systems (including Linko, Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan). The installed base in Taiwan already exceeds 1.500 systems. The company aims to increase the number to 2,000 systems sold by 2015.

Currently the company employs more than 80 people of whom 80 % belong to the service and engineering team. All the service employees are trained to a high professional standard to meet customers demanding requirements. DAS´ goal is to assist customers in their manufacturing needs, meet the necessary environmental emission targets and eliminate the remaining ESH risk. 

“DAS joined SEMI’s Green Manufacturing Committee in 2010 and has already contributed a great deal to the concept. We are very happy to cooperate with DAS as they do not only live the ideals of the green manufacturing concept, but they are also capable to deliver the technologies required.”
Terry Tsao, President of SEMI Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

DAS Asia Ltd. Taiwan Branch
9F-3, No.120,
Sec.2 Gongdaowu Rd.
Hsinchu City 30072,
Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel +886(0)3-5718-670
Fax +886(0)3-5718-671

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