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Since 1991 DAS Environmental Expert has developed and produced client-specific Point-of-Use facilities for waste gas treatment. Our clients in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, flat panel and LED/OLED industries, as well as the electronic and chemical industry profit from our extensive technical expertise. We used this fact in order to widen our product and service portfolio to wastewater treatment. Our detailed knowledge of the manufacturing processes of our customers means that we know that waste gas and wastewater treatment are an essential part of production.

We use this expertise to offer customfit and effective solutions for our customers. DAS products facilitate safe and cost effective manufacturing procedures.

  • Point-of-Use waste gas treatment in the Chip industry by DAS Environmental Expert
  • Safe Waste Gas Treatment in the Solar Industry with tools by DAS
  • Wastewater Treatment Food and Beverage
    Wastewater Treatment Food and Beverage
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Business Unit Waste Gas Treatment

DAS Environmental Expert offers product innovations based on the most recent industry trends. Looking back shows: DAS products have always perfectly corresponded with the market's drive for innovation and our client's needs for further developments. Today, we offer 10 product lines on the basis of five different technologies.

Business Unit Wastewater Treatment

Also our waste water treatment business is driven by high treatment demand. Therefore we have developed systems that degrade organic and anorganic pollutants from industrial effluents. Our trickle-flow bioreactors guarantee high-quality treatment of waste waters from various manufacturing industries, the waste management industry and municipalities.

Our customers have successfully implemented DAS technology in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, energy industry, laundry and textile industry, but also in the agricultural sector, the brewing and beverage industry, municipalities and in animal disposal services. DAS technology enables safe and efficient waste water treatment and recycling options.

Our waste water solutions are fully scalable just like our waste gas abatement solutions, they can be customized to the individual customer’s requirements.

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