Management DAS Environmental Expert
Management of DAS Environmental Expert

Waste Gas and Wastewater Treatment by DAS Environmental Expert

DAS Environmental Expert is a leading environmental technology company that provides sustainable solutions for waste gas treatment and wastewater treatment while minimizing resource usage.

The family-owned, mid-sized business with headquarters in Dresden, Germany stands out with two decades of technology and market experience. Our employees worldwide further develop this extensive knowledge base every day. Each one is an expert in his or her own field. This enables us to offer products and services that set the highest international standards. That is what we want to express with our claim “Environmental Expert”.

Clean Air

Solutions for Waste Gas Treatment

Waste Gas Treatment by DAS Environmental Expert
Waste Gas Treatment DAS Environmental Expert

If industrial process gases cannot be disposed at the point of use, they must be treated onsite making them immediately harmless to protect the environment, employees and production.

Learn more about our point-of-use products for waste gas treatment, VOC removal and fine dust reduction.

Clean Water

Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment DAS Environmental Expert

Our portfolio of services for wastewater treatment extends from the planning and construction of systems for biological and physical-chemical processes to the analysis and optimisation of existing wastewater treatment plants.

Learn more about our products for wastewater treatment.

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Waste Gas Treatment Scrubber Production
Waste Gas Treatment Scrubber Production in Dresden, Germany

Waste Gas Treatment for Various Industries

Every day the customers of DAS Environmental Expert profit from the various technologies working together in DAS scrubber systems. Waste gases are burned, treated in a scrubber and finest particles are deposited. Most of our  scrubber systems run 24/7 and clean left over waste gases from the processes in the semiconductor, solar module and LED manufacturing industries. Even during maintenance our DUO systems switch to the available system, so our team can service the system safely and without stopping production.

Our products for waste gas abatement are characterised by a small footprint and high availability. Our monitoring system ensures that our customers are able to monitor all of their machines at any time – even in Fabs larger than a football field.

Biological Wastewater Treatment
Biological Wastewater Treatment with the TFR Bioreactor

Improving Environmental Performance Through Wastewater Treatment

In almost all industry branches water remains the main medium in the production process. No matter, if ultrapure, process, cooling or drinking water is needed, wastewater is a factor that even when reduced by individual wastewater treatment, can never be completely eliminated. Therefore our objective is to treat wastewater efficiently while conserving resources. DAS Environmental Expert solutions are specifically designed to do just that.

Our portfolio is completed by the performance of laboratory analyses or the usage of pilot plants for assessing the optimal wastewater treatment process. It is also possible to implement full operating models that will help you to focus your resources on your key business.

For instance, DAS Environmental Expert will help you improve the environmental performance of your business by decreasing wastewater discharge values. To achieve this we are not relying on traditional technologies, but apply our specifically developed TFR Technology for biological wastewater treatment. No matter if aerobic or anaerobic: the TFR reactors offer a small footprint, planning security and low energy consumption. 

Quality Management ISO 9001:2008
DAS Environmental Expert is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

Quality for Environmental Technology Made in Germany

In times of worldwide economic globalization, product quality and service are becoming more important than ever.

We apply the strictest criteria to ensure the quality of our products and services for wastewater treatment and waste gas abatement. By consequently and continuously improving quality and implementing custom-tailored quality management we have become a leader in the worldwide market for environmental technology.

DAS Environmental Expert has obtained the nationally and internationally recognised ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. As a worldwide operating company for environmental technology it is imperative for us to foster the trust the customers place in us by constantly optimising and reviewing our management system. This constant reviewing process is the only way our customers will know that we have developed the most optimised processes to ensure the highest quality for our leading environmental technology.

On January 09, 2013 DAS received approval as a ‘known shipper’, which further secures our high quality and safety standards from production to shipping of all products.